Our Story...The Pup Kitchen

 November 11, 2018 we brought home this beautiful, fluffy, bright eyed "blue" Golden doodle puppy that we named Espresso Bean. That name was actually what sold the whole "bring home ANOTHER puppy" idea to my husband, since he is an avid Espresso drinker.

We already had two dogs at that point and our family was complete (or so we thought). However, being the over protective Cuban parent that I am, I felt that we needed to get our son a dog to sleep in his room. We were moving to Winter Garden and he was going to be far from our room!)( I know... some parents love this idea, me... no) I needed a dog that would alarm us if there was any strange sounds ect. The two we had slept with us and there was no changing their mind about that!

My son and I had gone back and forth for months about a name for our new puppy. Our fictitious puppy because at that point dad would just look at us and shake his head. Then one day my son says "hey mom.. what about the name "Espresso" and I fell in love with it. We came to visit Winter Garden, to check on the house and on our way back I casually mentioned to my hubby that we finally decided on a name! 

He asked me to tell him. I say "no". Him "why?" ." I don't want to get my hopes up"-me. Him " please tell me..." . Being the unbreakable cookie that I am looked him straight in the eyes and said..." Espresso Bean" . (I know I am super hard to break!) 

Well that name won him over and we surprised our son by going to pick her up that day!


The day we brought her home.

Something was wrong

I have had dogs for most of my life and I am not an expert, of course, but I know when something is wrong. Our little girl came home from the groomers one day and she had terrible upset stomach, diarrhea, two or three times a night!!


I thought it was something she picked up at the groomer so I took her to the vet. I also expressed my concerns. She was not gaining weight, her hair was not growing, and her muscles seemed very flimsy!


The vet told me that she was just a growing puppy and that she would probably get over the diarrhea but gave me an antibiotic just in case. The diarrhea went on for months! We changed her food, went back to the vet and still no change!

She was still skinny, still not growing hair, behavioral problems, it was just a nightmare. But every time I looked into those beautiful puppy eyes, I saw a sweet girl. Who was ashamed of her behavior, but she couldn't control it. She so badly wanted to behave, she was smart and obedient but something was wrong.


The day she broke into the food bag and ate so much we thought she was going to pop!

She ate with desperation every time we fed her, she was never satisfied no matter how much we fed her.


I took her to the vet one more time, this time I emailed them before bringing her in and told them I wanted to run a specific test on her. One that I had read about online after doing tons of research! I also insisted on doing an x-ray, because I had felt something hard on her belly while she was lying on her back. 

Although the vet didn't think it could be anything, we did the x-ray and found she indeed had something in her belly. The next day we took her to AVS in Maitland, they did an endoscopy and found a rock in her belly! They also ran their own tests and got back to me a few days later.

X-ray of the rock


The Rock

She was desperately eating anything because she was lacking in nutrients!

It turns out our baby had IBD (Irritable bowl disease) and lymphangiectasia  ( a disease characterized by dilation of the lacteals within the small intestinal villi, protein loss, such as ascites, pleural effusion, peripheral edema, and hypoglycemia ).

No wonder she couldn't gain weight! Her body couldn't digest properly and all the "expensive" food I was buying her was not helping. I desperately started searching for things to help my baby! Buying human-grade food from some company in another state was going to cost thousands of dollars for all of my pups! So I decided to look up recipes, search out herbs and spices that could help our baby. We took all of our pups completely off kibble! The change was incredible! They started to lose weight, even though they were eating more. All of them seemed happier and more energetic, and our beautiful Espresso Bean stopped having diarrhea. Her tummy troubles STOPPED! She started gaining weight and her hair is growing! (So much so that she needs monthly grooming!) 

That's when I started "The Pup Kitchen". If other dog moms and dads were as desperately searching for help for their babies as I was, I knew they would appreciate, wholesome, homemade, organic food for their babies.

I make this food with so much love, I can't even describe the frustration and fear that I felt for "Espi" I didn't want to lose her, but I didn't know what to do. So believe me when I say this food is made with love, concern, and hope that your babies will thrive! I believe that with the right care we can help all our pups live longer, happier lives. They deserve as much love and affection as they give us. 

You can follow Espresso Bean on Instagram @a_shot_of_espresso and see her progress.


The Pup Kitchen

Left Picture: When I had her on the "best kibble" I could find. May 16, 2019


Right Picture: After being on homemade food. November 26, 2019

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